Magic The Gathering

Come and learn Magic the Gathering

Hi everyone out there, have you ever thought about playing Magic the Gathering well come down to the Games Pit and we will teach you how and we will give you a 30 card starter deck to get you playing after, so tell your friends and come down and let us teach you how to play Magic.see you all in the Games Pit

We Have Moved

Just to let everyone know that we have finally moved. The new shop is at 6 Zetland Street, Wakefield (just up the hill from the old shop). Its bigger and better than before with more space for more tables (so no queueing for a game and you can even play 8th edition if that's your thing or indeed any format of table top game you like).

We have the full range of Warhammer models in stock all at 10% off RRP.

Hi to everyone 

you may have heard that the Games Pit is moving, WELL WE ARE as of Monday 14th Sept the Games Pit will be moving to its new home at 6 Zetland st. if your not sure were that is we are currently at 24 Zetland st ,so walk up the hill towards trinity walk and you will find us in our new even bigger shop with more space to play and have fun.

Please remember we are open at the old shop until then and our finale FNM in the old shop this Friday is standard so come on down and remember the good times at the Games Pit in the old vicarage

see you later

Its here at last the new fantasy game from Games Workshop, and just in case you don't no its name its called 
The Age Of Sigmar

and this is what you get


 The forces of Sigmar take on the forces of Chaos. 

This new core box comes with everything you need to play 

Warhammer – The Age of Sigmar.

It contains 47 incredibly stunning, finely detailed miniatures. 

That is only £ 1.36 per miniature! 

18 Stormcast Eternals and 29 Warriors of Khorne

A 96 page booklet with all the rules, background 

information, scenarios and rules for all the new miniatures.

A booklet with assembly instructions

Gaming accessories such as oval bases, 12 dice, 2 range 

rules and 2 transfer sheets

And only £63.75 from the Games Pit

we are taking pre-orders so call in now

With the release of Origins around the corner we thought we would let you all know the dates and times for the Pre-releases
The first is Friday 10th July Midnight
 2 Headed Giant on Saturday 11th July 6.30pm
With the main pre-release on Sunday 12th July at 12 pm until about 5pm
as normal the pre-release boxes will coast £20 with everyone getting new origins boosters as prizes.
 We are taking Pre-registration now
don't miss out