Ixalan Pre-release weekend 

With the Pre-release of Ixalan being this weekend we just thought we would give you all the times and dates

Sat  23rd  12 - 5 Sealed
Sat 23rd  6 - 10 2headed giant
Sun 24th  12 - 5 Sealed
Sun 24th  6 - 10 team event

Each person entering an event will need to purchase a pre-release pack cost £20 which contains 6 Ixalan boosters a dice and a promo, from the pack you will need to build a minimum 40 card deck with which to play. all land can be borrowed from the shop. everyone playing will receive Ixalan boosters as prizes 
Remember who doesn't want to play with Pirates and Dinosaurs, Merfolk and Vampires so come down and have some fun fun fun