Magic The Gathering


Magic the Gathering is a card-based game of strategy, played by two or more players. Within a game, players each assume the role of a powerful wizard, with the aim of defeating the opponent through means of powerful sorceries, enchantments and artifacts, or by summoning creatures to do battle. The cards portray a variety of fantasy worlds that mix classical fantasy (elves, orcs) and mythological (centaurs, sphinxes) tropes with original creations to create a world unique to the game. However, despite this vivid setting, players most often see the art as the “icing on the cake,” and - especially at higher competitive levels - Magic is no more considered a fantasy game than Chess is considered a war game.

Learn to Play Magic

If you would like to learn to play Magic the Gathering then please feel free to come down to the shop where we will be more than happy to teach new players, as well as getting you started with a free starter deck.

Friday Night Magic

We also run Friday Night Magic events which start at 6.30 on a Friday night with 3 event running from the beginner to the more experienced player

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