Friday Night Magic

Wakefield now has an official MTG Friday night venue. So if you are interested in playing the world's premier trading card game please come and find us in the Old Vicarage, Wakefield (Top Floor from the 27th September). Beginners and more experienced players are all welcome.

We are very keen on providing internet access to anyone wanting to check out the prices of cards. Sometimes younger players aren't quite aware of how much a certain card is worth, we will try our very best to ensure that nobody takes advantage of their inexperience.

We don't actually buy cards from our customers but we do sell the odd one or two individual cards at a few pound less than you can get them on line.

Learn to Play Magic

If you would like to learn to play Magic the Gathering then please feel free to come down to the shop, we will be more than happy to get you started.

Friday Night Magic

We are DCI registered and now have core status.

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