Born of the Gods Pre-Release Event

Just in case you have had your magic head buried in the sand for the last month or so. We are holding a Born of the Gods pre-release event on February the 1st.

It starts at 6pm.....we will feed you (there will be chili of normal or hot types).

We hope to kick the event off proper at 6.30.

It will cost you £20.

The sooner you get your name down on the list the more likely it will be that you get the box colour of your choice.

The prize pool will be two boosters per person entered.

Other prizes will be available.

If you are interested (and be quick as we do not have that many places left) please get your name on the list and the money in the till.


See you there !

Dreadball League

Greetings, hope you have all had a good Christmas and New Year.

We have been talking about a Dreadball League for a while now and we have finally got the draw sorted out.

Here it is

Sean v Wildey
Steve (me) v Kirk
Dutch v Josh
Chris v Matt
Michael v Kyle
Joe v Dave A

Bog standard rules apply from all three rule boos...league progression is straight out of the book.

Please have your games done in 2 weeks.

Have fun...unless you are playing Matt in which case take a massive team....cos he hits hard.

FNM 6th December

Right then , after much public pressure we have decided that everyone would rather play Standard than Draft at the moment....sooo the rest of Decembers FNM is going to be standard. You lot moan ...we listen ! So you better all show up. Thanks

SAGA Demo Game 8th December

Want of our more recent visitors to the store has asked if he can do a demo of the Dark Ages skirmish game. Now, at the Games Pit we are all in favour of new games getting played as there are many more alternatives to the market leaders products (we're not saying they are bad....just every expensive). So we have said yes. The game comes from Gripping Beast and a review of it can be found here So if you fancy coming down and having a look you will be more than welcome.

Friday Night Magic (FNM)

Bit late in the day for this one but its standard tonight and it starts at 6:30pm as getting there for 6pm was proving tricky for some.

Friday Night Magic

Tonight its standard.... incase you didn't know already. So thats me getting beaten badly again.

Magic the Gathering Pauper Party

The Games Pit would like to invite you to a Pauper Party 

Dig out your common cards and put them to use !

24th November

be ready to play by 1pm

(finishing at 4pm)

at the Games Pit

Bring a 60 card deck that is all common cards .... and is from the standard range of Ravnica onwards.

it will cost just £1 

Prizes will be awarded for the the winner and also the person who has the best fancy dress should you dare to go dressed like a cast member of les miserables.

This is a FUN don't expect a box of boosters or anything like that !

There will also be some Pottage !  (or stew)  for you to feed on.